Our Services

Medicare Made Easier

We understand that your clients are asking for more solutions regarding their healthcare.  With an increasing number of employees working past 65, the demand for Medicare services is increasing.

To assist in addressing the needs of these employees, MP Group has developed a multi-disciplined approach to enhance the broker-employer relationship.

Know More. Stress Less.

Our platform is built on enhancing knowledge through education.  We have a wide variety of educational opportunities and resources to help your clients with their Medicare benefits.  These resources include our direct-to-consumer website, www.mpgroup.org, monthly educational webinars, instructional videos, newsletters, multiple social media platforms and a library of downloadable documents.

1. Individual Enrollment

Our core service is enrollment assistance that ensures timely and accurate plan selection.  Our PATH℠ process, developed from thousands of enrollments, confidently guides employees from their existing group health insurance to Medicare. 

We place a strong emphasis on Medicare education, which provides employees with a greater knowledge of Medicare leading to a stress-free transition from group health insurance into their selected Medicare.

Note:  As you are aware, we are compensated by Medicare insurance carriers; therefore, our services are always free to your clients.  

2. Employer Education

We understand that employers have questions about Medicare.  To help, we offer human resource professionals and executives the opportunity to learn about Medicare by offering educational webinars, educational content for newsletters and emails.

3. Employee Education

We understand that employees have questions about Medicare.  To assist in increasing their understanding of Medicare,  we provide educational content for employer newsletters, email communication and employer-sponsored webinars. 

Let us do the work for you.

MP Group eases the burden of exploring, choosing and enrolling your clients in a Medicare insurance plan that’s right for their needs and budget.  Remember, there is no cost to you or your client for our services.