Alena Marchant

Licensed Medicare Insurance Agent

Licensed Under Age 65 Insurance Agent


Phone: 410-979-9660


Licensed in:   AL, AR, DE, FL, IN, MD, NC, OH, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA and WV

A Word From Alena

Health insurance is a lifestyle for me. It all started when I had my own accident on a horse and thought the insurance plan would cover my medical bills. It was with the help of another licensed agent that I was able to fight the medical billing system and win. When researching my own case, I realized just how many people are affected by billing mistakes, fraud and simply not understanding their medical insurance plan.  Many people do not have access to an insurance agent, or their agent simply does not have the time or knowledge to help them.  I built my business on helping people choose a plan that will benefit them and their family.  To some, this is just a job;  but to me, it’s a lifestyle and a brand built around helping people.

While my primary focus in the insurance market has been on individuals under age 65, I have found a true love for helping folks who are enrolling in Medicare.  Having knowledge and experience in all age groups, I can provide guidance for those under 65, as well as those 65 and over with their insurance needs.  It’s often a challenge to not only help an individual aging in to Medicare find a health plan, but also a spouse/ partner in the under 65 market.  Having the capabilities to work with one skilled agent for the entire family can be comforting to many folks, and having a team of experienced agents behind me will give you peace of mind knowing that your insurance needs are handled with the utmost care and respect.

I have a very optimistic and energetic personality. I was blessed with warm and loving parents who taught me a strong work ethic and that no task was too large to accomplish. I also am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with horses for the past 35 years. I competed professionally on the East Coast and spent time training and competing in Texas and Indiana. While in Indiana, I lived as a homesteader, which was an experience like no other! I still own and do a little showing with my current three horses;  however my love for helping people and my career in insurance has become an experience that I wish to dedicate my time as it just makes me happy. When I’m not with clients or on a horse, I am with my loving husband and teenage son enjoying the great outdoors with our German Shepherd, Rynna.

Need Help With Your Medicare?

As an authorized insurance agent of MP Group, I am here to help you explore, choose and enroll in a Medicare insurance plan that’s right for you. There are so many options for you in Medicare, and I’m happy to spend the time to thoroughly explain your options and benefits.

There is never a cost for my services, and I am also here to support you after enrollment and throughout your lifetime, which includes understanding your benefits, billing questions, changes needed and an annual plan review. 

Helpful Resources

Your successful transition to Medicare starts with education.  These helpful resources were created to enhance your Medicare knowledge, as well as highlight how I can help as your dedicated Medicare insurance agent.  Click below to download.

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